What Will it Cost Me?


Believe it or not, we are able to offer our services - which often entail many hours of our time - at no charge to our clients.  How can that happen if we are offering such a valuable service?


We receive commission from banks for finance that is arranged by us and drawn. The bank gains a valuable customer. We gain a valuable client. Banks incur ongoing fixed costs in relation to their staff (salaries, annual leave, sick leave etc.), regardless of the level of finance arranged by those staff.  However, the banks are not liable to pay us if we do not arrange any finance.   


There are some occasions where we will not receive commission from the bank for finance arranged and drawn, or where part or all of the commission paid to us is likely to be reclaimed (or 'clawed-back') in the future. In such situations, we will advise details and provide you with options before you incur any costs.

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